A look at the least important things in life

April Sucked

Jesus Christ. April was an awful month.

First, an apology. Look, I hate that it’s been forever since I posted anything of merit (or even that had no merit at all). And despite my otherwise contemptuous nature and deep-rooted assumption that literally no one gives a shit when I post something, being able to have this mind-dump is therapeutic. So in a way, it’s like I’ve been off my meds for three weeks. And for Christ’s sake, if you’ve had to encounter me for any reason, I’ve probably been a jackass to you at some point. I’m really sorry about that, but I don’t do in-person apologies well, or at all, so this is as good as it gets.

It’s not as though anything horrible has happened. I’ve just encountered some severe stress, academically, professionally and personally. Add it all together and there I am pulling my hair out, operating on four hours sleep at times and generally behaving like a pre-rehab Robert Downey Jr.

And I’m not putting it on circumstance; I could probably have prepared better for April. I knew I had a final project coming up for graduate school and I knew that we had a tennis tournament and I knew we could win that in addition to hosting it and I knew there was potential for working three sports in one day on occasion. Hell, I like that last one most of the time – I’m at my best when operating under the more stressful conditions, or as stressful as a job that allows you to watch sports and claim it as ‘doing my job’ can be. It just so happened that this time, I spent a lot more time working on the things I had to work on – you know, work and class – than the things I like to work on (i.e., dicking off and writing nonsense).

And if you’ve called, or texted, or smoke-signaled, I’m getting back to you eventually. I may have tried, and you may have called back immediately only to find me unresponsive. I budgeted my time just so and then, upon hearing nothing, I moved on to the next task. I try to be an efficient prick. Again, sorry about that.

Anyway, with the onset of summer, I’ll be writing both long and short, here and at Clarksville Sports Network if you care about the Braves or want to support me in my never-ending quest for reasons to watch baseball every day and get paid for it. I’ve got a lot of shit planned for this summer – mostly drinking, gambling, leading Mrs. Me into temptation and convincing her to let me tell the best stories here and not only after she’s had eight drinks – and hopefully you’ll get to hear about most of it. For now, enjoy this video of a monkey and a dog fighting over a bit of rope.


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