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Movie Trailer Thursday: Flight

Due Out: Nov. 2

Denzel on a plane!

Flight looks like the next in a long line of Denzel Washington’s patent-pending ‘Sketchy guy who just wants to do right by a group of people no matter the consequences’ character movies. Denzel has been playing that guy his entire movie career it seems and to be honest, nobody plays him better.

Of course, playing the same guy makes Denzel a tad predictable; if you love what he does, that’s positive but the repetition may turn some off. Before I ever watched this trailer or knew anything about this movie other than that it was coming out in the fall and featured Denzel I thought, “I bet Denzel plays a strong but troubled man put in an impossible situation and forced to make a dramatic choice that leads to all sorts of consequences.”

Nailed it.

I’m not afraid to fly; however, I am nervous whenever I’m in the air. I don’t sleep, I nervously tap my fingers and I’m not above paying exorbitant airline fees for a stiff drink. This movie doesn’t really help that personal phobia at all, and I don’t care how they prove it wasn’t his fault.

I don’t fly often but every time I do I subconsciously think to myself, “I wonder if the pilot was out carousing as late as I was last night?” Again, not certain that this movie is going to make me any happier to fly.

Of course, what I think doesn’t matter. This Denzel. And a Denzel movie doesn’t do poorly at the box office, and a Denzel movie doesn’t suck. Does it matter that we’ve seen some variation of this before? Not really. That’s Hollywood I suppose.

(In summation: I just spent 350 words to say, “Whatever. I couldn’t be more ambivalent toward this movie, but the pickings were slim this week.”)

Burning Question: If you had to die in a plane crash, or even just be in one, wouldn’t you WANT the pilot to do a barrel roll? What if that was the one cool thing you ever got to be involved in?

Reminds Me Of: The Hurricane, only if Denzel was an airline pilot instead of a boxer and was possibly drunk all the time.

Theater, RedBox or Skip It: I’ll probably skip it. If you’ve seen Denzel do this once, you’ve seen him do it a thousand times. Once it joins the Déjà Vu, Man on Fire and American Gangster in the ‘We’ve got two and a half hours to kill, let’s show a Denzel movie’ rotation on cable, I’ll probably give it a look.


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